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The Daily Puppy - one of the most interesting websites, it features many stories and pictures of excessively cute puppy pictures. It's no wonder it has more than 50k likes on Facebook! Each day there is new content added so be sure to check back often. - interested about the world of the future? Here's one of the coolest places where you can read about it. It's a blog with many awesome articles with topics from outerspace to antiaging.

Quirky - Did you ever dream about becoming an inventor? This is a site that creates products suggested and designed by community members, and then sells them! Average folks from home work side by side with an award winning design team, and then once products are created the money earned is distributed between all contributors. Quirky is the easiest way to bring your ideas to life.

FML - Some people like to share their extraordinary lives. Read stories about funny/hilarious/sad/creepy things that happened to the people who share them at FMyLife. These stories' themes are love, money, work etc.

Knoword - this is a website and iPhone app that help kids and people of all ages, as well as foreign people, develop their english vocabulary skills. You have 60 seconds, definition of a word and the initial letter to guess the word, and the challenge "how far can you get?" Every word guessed correctly adds up some time. Guess as many words as you can to accumulate points and badges! It is useful, fun and addictive.

Webstarts - Did you know that you could create your own interesting web site quickly and easily, just with a few clicks of a mouse? Do you have anything interesting to share? Sure you do! You're special in your own way and people can't wait to see it. You can even make some dough if you have your own website, and then some more. You can become famous. You don't need programming or web design skills to create marvelous websites, you can do it with webstarts. Easy drag and drop interface. Includes hosting, web address, and design tools and you can sign up for free.

Hotel Galeria Virgen del Carmen - Nice hotel in Tequila Jalisco Mexico full of art gallery, photos about history of tequila. A beautiful hotel where you can rest and enjoy tequila next time you visit Mexico.

NewsCaplet - The most interesting news in one simple place. All the articles are hand selected because they are interesting, fun and entertaining.



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